Alley Real estate

Alley Real estate

The project

In the fast-evolving real estate market, Alley Real Estate Group, led by the visionary Traore, embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine its brand and digital presence. Our mission was to craft a modern identity and an engaging online experience that would set Alley apart from its competitors.

First Steps

Our initial phase involved deep-diving into Alley's goals, analyzing market trends, and understanding the unique value proposition they offer to their clients. This foundational work informed our comprehensive strategy encompassing branding, digital experience, and marketing.


  • Photography captured the essence of their property listings.
  • Logo Design introduced a modern visual identity.
  • Marketing strategies aimed at broadening reach and engagement.
  • UXD & UI improvements for a seamless online experience.


Collaboration and strategic planning were key. We engaged in iterative design and feedback loops, ensuring each solution aligned with Alley's vision and market demands.


The rebranding led to enhanced market presence, with the new website experiencing increased traffic and user engagement. The project not only elevated Alley's brand but also significantly boosted its market position and client interactions.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


The Traore Real Estate Group, a forward-thinking and dynamic real estate firm, sought to redefine its brand presence in a highly competitive market. The primary objective was to modernize their visual identity, enhance their online user experience, and deploy a suite of marketing strategies designed to elevate their brand visibility and engagement. Recognizing the importance of a digital-first approach, they approached our team to deliver comprehensive solutions that encompass photography, logo design, marketing, and UX/UI design.


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