Marble Cosmetics

Marble Cosmetics

The project

In an industry where luxury and innovation intersect, Marble Cosmetics emerges as a beacon of elegance and efficacy. Spearheaded by the visionary Traore, this project sought to establish a skincare line that transcends traditional boundaries, offering a premium experience to the most discerning consumers. Our journey with Marble Cosmetics was marked by a commitment to excellence, from conceptualization to execution, embodying the very essence of luxury in every aspect.

First Steps

The initial phase of the project was characterized by a deep dive into market research and brand positioning strategies.

Understanding the landscape and identifying consumer desires was paramount. We engaged in thorough analysis and discussions with Traore to align our creative direction with the brand's core values and objectives.

This foundation allowed us to craft a unique identity for Marble Cosmetics, setting the stage for innovative design and strategic marketing.


  • Branding Design: Created a brand identity that reflects luxury and purity.
  • Logo: A minimal yet impactful logo to stand out in the beauty market.
  • Marketing Print: High-quality materials to convey exclusivity.
  • Product Design: Products designed as art pieces, focusing on user experience.
  • UXD & UI: A visually stunning website offering an intuitive shopping experience.


Traore, with in-depth market insights, guided the project's focus on luxury skincare consumers.


Started with comprehensive research, followed by collaborative design and marketing strategies to engage the target audience effectively.


The launch of Marble Cosmetics was met with acclaim, establishing a new standard in luxury skincare. The brand’s identity, digital presence, and customer engagement have exceeded expectations, affirming Marble Cosmetics' leadership in the industry.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


Under the leadership of Traore, Marble Cosmetics aimed to revolutionize luxury skincare. The objective was to blend elegance, quality, and innovation into a holistic brand experience, targeting discerning consumers.


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