Salon shop

Salon shop

The project

We collaborated with the Rau Group to launch an upscale salon shop, focusing on a premium customer experience and high-end products, incorporating comprehensive solutions from photography to UX/UI design.

First Steps

We initiated the project with a discovery phase to align our strategies with the Rau Group's vision, focusing on their target audience and market positioning.

Solutions Delivered

  • Photography: Conducted photo sessions to highlight the salon's luxury and product quality.
  • Brand Identity: Created a logo and visual identity that reflected elegance and prestige.
  • Marketing Materials: Developed engaging marketing assets targeting the upscale market.
  • Product Packaging: Designed premium packaging to enhance the luxury unboxing experience.
  • Digital Experience: Crafted a user-friendly online platform mirroring the in-store luxury.

Process & Results

The project unfolded in phases, ensuring each step resonated with the luxury market. The successful launch led to increased customer engagement and set a new industry standard for luxury personal care.


This project illustrates our ability to deliver high-quality, integrated solutions that meet our clients' ambitions, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in the luxury market sector.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


To develop and introduce an upscale salon shop that serves as a benchmark for luxury, combining exquisite customer service with superior product offerings. The initiative aims to forge a distinctive brand identity and immersive shopping environment, both physically and online, catering to a discerning clientele.


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