Furniture manufacture

Furniture manufacture

The project

In an industry where elegance meets craftsmanship, Pfannerstill's "The Furniture Manufacture" collection stands as a testament to the power of refined design and strategic marketing. Tasked with elevating the brand to new heights, our comprehensive project encompassed everything from logo redesign to a full digital experience overhaul, aiming to captivate the high-end furniture market.

First Steps

Our journey began with an in-depth analysis of Pfannerstill's brand legacy, target demographic, and the competitive landscape. Collaboratively, we outlined the project goals, focusing on a brand refresh that would resonate with our discerning audience. This phase was crucial for setting a solid foundation for the creative direction and strategy development.

Solutions Provided:

  • Photography
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • UX and UI Design

The Process

  1. Discovery: Researching and understanding Pfannerstill's market position.
  2. Strategy: Developing a branding and marketing strategy with clear goals.
  3. Execution: Designing and implementing the logo, marketing materials, and digital experience.
  4. Launch: Introducing the new brand identity and digital presence.
  5. Evaluation: Measuring the project's success through engagement and sales metrics.


The relaunch of Pfannerstill's collection led to:

  • A 40% boost in website traffic.
  • Improved customer engagement, with notable increases in website dwell time and social media interactions.
  • A 20% sales increase in the first quarter post-launch.

This project not only revitalized Pfannerstill's brand presence but also significantly impacted its market position, showcasing the pivotal role of strategic design and marketing in the luxury furniture industry.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


Pfannerstill, renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship in the fine furniture sector, sought to elevate its brand presence and showcase its latest collection, "The Furniture Manufacture." The client aimed to captivate a high-end market by highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials, and innovative designs that set its furniture apart. The project encompassed a comprehensive brand refresh, including logo redesign, sophisticated marketing materials, product photography, and an overhaul of the digital experience through enhanced UX and UI design.


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