Fintech company

Fintech company

The project

In a strategic move to redefine its presence and set new standards in the fintech industry, Scherer Stiftung partnered with us for a comprehensive brand and user experience overhaul. Our mission was clear: to craft a visual and experiential identity that not only matched the innovative spirit of Scherer Stiftung but also propelled them to the forefront of the fintech revolution.

First Steps

Our initial phase involved deep-diving into Scherer Stiftung’s ethos, market position, and the challenges and opportunities within the fintech sector. This involved engaging with their team, analyzing market trends, and aligning our findings with their strategic goals to lay a robust foundation for the project.

Solutions Provided

We offered an integrated package of solutions:

  • Photography: Custom visuals to embody the company's innovative spirit.
  • Logo and Branding: A fresh logo and cohesive branding strategy to bolster market presence.
  • Marketing Materials: Comprehensive digital and print materials to articulate the value proposition.
  • Product and UX/UI Design: Redesigned products and digital interfaces focused on user-friendliness and engagement.

Client: Scherer Stiftung

As a trailblazer in fintech, Scherer Stiftung’s vision was to leverage technology for financial empowerment. Our project was aimed not just at a visual makeover but at enriching the user experience to reflect their pioneering ethos.

The Process

The process was collaborative and iterative, involving discovery, strategy development, execution, and thorough testing. This approach ensured that every solution was aligned with Scherer Stiftung’s goals and resonated with their target audience.


Our partnership yielded transformative outcomes:

  • Brand Recognition: The rebranding efforts significantly enhanced visibility and recall.
  • User Engagement: The redesign led to increased user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Market Impact: Post-launch, Scherer Stiftung saw a notable uptick in user acquisition and retention, affirming the project's success in setting new benchmarks in the fintech industry.


Project image gallery of our works for this project


Scherer Stiftung aimed to elevate its market presence through enhanced user engagement, a striking visual identity, and a seamless user experience. Our role was to deliver a suite of solutions that included photography, branding, marketing, product design, and UX/UI enhancements to meet these objectives.


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